In-House Product and Service Distribution Programs

NCG can help you bring your new or existing products and services to market via customized in-house supported programs. We assure that you are positioned to deliver your product/service with a level of quality that will set you apart from your competitors. The bottom line is... no one cares about your product as much as the people who have developed it, you.

If you are currently subcontracting any portion of your distribution channel, you can achieve greater control and profit with an in-house program.

An in-house distribution program will provide you with:

  • Decreased delivery turn-around-times to your customers;
  • Direct control of quality standards and processes;
  • Flexibility in reacting to customer special requests;
  • Greater efficiencies in continual quality improvement;
  • Increased profitability, over time, by capturing lost
  • revenue currently spent on outsource relationship(s);
  • Greater control over sterilization schedules resulting in faster product release times.