Commercial and Centralized Hospital Nuclear Pharmacy Startup

Nuclear Consultants Group, Inc. (NCG) is able to provide beginning to end support for your pharmacy start up plans. From application in either NRC or Agreement states, to the fulfillment of the first customer order, NCG is your absolute resource.

Our services include:

  • Real estate selection, including zoning review;
  • Advising on optimal facility design to assure minimal capital outlay and maximum productivity;
  • Appropriate design and build-out of clean room facilities to meet the specific needs of your business;
  • The filing of an initial NRC or state application and where applicable, any subsequent amendments;
  • Coordination of equipment, supplies and furniture selection and purchasing;
  • Production process engineering to ensure maximum efficiency;
  • Staffing and recruitment;
  • Design and set up of a Radiation Safety Program to meet applicable state regulations;
  • Initial training of staff regarding DOT, ALARA, internal audits and radiation safety;
  • Design and production of customized packaging (shielded and non-shielded) for your product.
  • Outfitting delivery vehicles for safety